(Re)Print Opening Party at Hendershot Gallery

It's not easy to get your hands on a piece of street art - either you literally take it from the street, or you get super lucky and find a few pieces for sale online after weeks of searching. (Re)Print, currently on exhibit at Hendershot Gallery, is making street art more accessible to collectors and fans of these hard-to-pin-down artists. The gallery offers a place to check out work by a variety of diverse and impressive street artists, and the oppertunity to purchase your favorite limited edition work. 

Our friends ASVP are part of the show, as well as Paul Insect, Gaia, Know Hope, Imminent Disaster, Clown Soldier, and way more. Check out some pieces from the exhibit in this post, and definitely stop by if you're interested in starting or adding to your collection of awesome art. 

what (Re)Print
where Hendershot Gallery, 195 Chrystie St. NYC
when May 23 - August 15 2012

Happy Dreams by Paul Insect

Almost Blind by Icy & Sot

A wall hanging by Imminent Disaster

Two pieces by Labrona

Giant glitter Balaclavas and a China Girl by ASVP

How Now Clown Mao by Paul Insect

Give Up The Ghost And Put On Flesh by Judith Supine