Hermes Skipper Bracelet

Hermes is the pinnacle of luxury goods but their prices are at most times unfathomable.  Getting in the door through their accessories range(s) is a great way to own something with the iconic 'H' logo and top quality without re-mortgaging your house in the process.  Perhaps a bracelet?

The most common Hermes wrist-wear is their line of simple enamel bracelets with their traditional branding however, if you're looking for a more subtle way to wear your Parisian style, then might I point you towards the 'Skipper Bracelet.'  The Skipper is a younger (and unisex!) style which can be easily mixed in with your regular weekend wardrobe.  It features silver detailing with a silk cord.  If you're looking at it already scared that your investment will fall apart, you can change the band easily for about $20 at an Hermes store near you.

The Hermes Skipper comes in colors that change seasonally- I've personally seen black, brown, Hermes orange and powder blue.  You can purchase yours online or in a Hermes store for $430.