Ethical Clothing & Accessories from Future:Standard

Honestly, I've never really wondered if my clothes were made ethically...generally if it's cute, I buy it. But Future:Standard, a totally ethical online boutique, has made me think more about how my clothes and accessories are made with respect to the environment and fair trade policies. Future:Standard doesn't sacrifice style for values; all of the items they offer are totally on trend and reasonably priced. What's more, you can feel even better wearing their clothes because you know they were made with respect for the people making them and the planet. 

Each item on the site is hand picked by Jessica Althoff, the founder of Future:Standard, whose goal is to show designers, retailers, and manufacturers that there is a demand for ethical clothing. I would love to see this idea spread through the fashion world. 

To pick up something you feel great in and about, visit the Future:Standard website and Facebook page.