DECYCLE x Pretty Portal 'Down To Business' Print Release

Though our world is centered in New York's fashion and art world it's exciting to be turned onto new things outside of our realm of expertise.  One of our recent discoveries is Pretty Portal- a German web-based platform primarily for street and graffiti artists to exhibit and sell originals and limited print runs.  It reminds us a bit of the American webstore 1xRun which definitely bodes well for the success of Pretty Portal in the future.

In the spirit of the vibrant German street art scene, today, Pretty Portal is teaming up with German based artist DECYCLE who makes really beautiful and detailed street paintings to release two limited edition stenciled works entitled 'Down to Business'.  Both are in editions of 25 and are spray painted onto hand molded heavy weight paper.  You can snag either a red or gold version starting today for 120 Euro (about $150) and add some international cool to your boring basement level studio apartment.  Check out images of the prints below.