Chrome x Chari & Co. Yalta Team Backpack

Now that it's getting warmer (fingers crossed for more warm weather) no doubt you're planning trips and picnics and going all sorts of places you didn't feel like going when it was cold outside.  Whether you're a jet-setter, city dweller or an outdoorsy kind of person, you'll need something stylish and functional to lug around all of your gear. Luckily Chari & Co. has dropped another top tier collab to sort you right out.

The Chrome x Chari & Co. Yalta 29L capacity backpack is weatherproof, built to withstand just about everything and looks great with the Chari logo on the front and New York City along the side.  The bag is also very comfortable to wear with EVA foam panels, and extra straps to distribute the weight of your gear while hiking or biking.  Snag yours before they're gone for $150 at Chari's website or in store.