Trend Watch: Camouflage for Summer

You might have noticed that literally everybody is wearing something camo this summer.  Or you might not have because they're so stealthy that they're blending into the buildings and sidewalks around you.  But more likely it's the former.  Camouflage is a huge hit right now and can range from $10 at your local army navy surplus store to hundreds of dollars at high end retailers like A.P.C. so are you ready to jump in?  We've got some of our favorite camo items below.

Top Left: A.P.C. Camouflage Parka - $415   Top Middle: Unis Tiger Camo Harrison Short - $148   Top Right: Allsaints Spurr Camo Biker Jacket - $250   Bottom Left: Chari & Co. Classic Script Snap Back Cap - $35   Bottom Right: Epaulet Point Collar Japanese Camo Shirt -  $150

What camo style you choose is really personal preference, Chari's cap probably has the most standard camo on it, but it never hurts to mix things up with a non-traditional colored camouflage or a more stylized digital camo.  Have you already stocked your military inspired summer gear? Let us know in the comments below.  See you on the urban battlefield!