Sneeze Magazine Vending Machine in Soho, NYC

For fans of NYC's skate and street culture Sneeze Magazine is probably already a familiar name.  Even you're not following Sneeze closely, after the cover they did with Kate Upton on it, you probably know the name. Last night, I stumbled across their venture into the old school world of newspaper vending machines... or dispensers... or whatever you call them.  Their giant metal machine (to accommodate the size of the mag/ newspaper hybrid unfolded) sits next to a pay phone and mailboxes on the southeast corner of Lafayette and Prince Streets in Soho. 

As you can see the machine bares resemblance to the newspaper machines that used to dot streets in the past (and still do in certain places), but it only takes credit cards and has a cool marquee with the Sneeze logo as well as the magazine's name in Japanese.  It's a great alternative to seeking out the magazine which can sometimes be hard to find.  Issue no. 14 of Sneeze which features Iggy Pop and ASAP Rocky is still inside, but we hope that it'll be changing soon to issue 15 (Erik Ellington) shortly.