Photographer Focus: Emily Jane Morgan

Emily's photos remind me of fairytales. Her subjects live in mystical dream worlds, some more foreboding than others. Although many are staged, she still maintains a natural vibe in her photos, which can be very difficult to achieve. She creates beautiful worlds and puts beautiful people in them, a definite win win scenario. Emily often uses herself as the main subject of her work (below) and I can only say I wish I could be even half as photogenic as her. She is able to capture emotion seemingly effortlessly, and each photo is able to evoke something from the viewer. Read a quick Q&A with the artist below, and see more of her work on Flickr

location Norwich,UK favorite camera I wish I could put more than one favourite! I have a family of cameras of different kinds, and I love each and every one of them for how different they are from one another! I will say my film slr, Canon 300. It was my first camera when I started photography properly and I adore photographing on film with it as often as possible. There is nothing quite like your first camera. random fact about yourself I cannot go one day without a hot chocolate. It is my subsitute for tea/coffee! favorite subject matter to shoot People,without a shadow of a doubt. I love fashion/editorial portraiture, but I also love to photograph people just as they are without any charade. Individuals are so endearing, and I make it my primary aim to take a photo of them that they will be pleased with! photographers you admire There are so many I couldn't even begin to list them all! The friends I have around me both online and at Uni as well as my tutors, I admire greatly. They take my fears away, and encourage me to do better and better! Out in the higher-end of the industry, naturally Tim Walker catches my eye, as well as the emotive intensity of Paolo Roversi's portraiture. Looking at their photographs remind me of where I want to go with my work, when I am stuck in a creative rut, and remind me to just enjoy myself! what makes a great photo Emotion. Every great photograph I have looked at has always illicited an emotional response out of me. For me, a photograph is nothing without emotion. what makes a terrible photo Forgetting to remove the lens cap. (first-hand experience!) why do you love photography I cannot draw or paint to save my life, and I have said that many times. Without photography, I would be incredibly frustrated, not knowing how to express my ideas and feelings into an image. Photography drew me out into the world, and got me exploring and appreciating every little thing, from the golden hour to the wind blowing a wisp of hair in front of someone's face. I love the sound of the shutter, and winding on film. All these little things are a pleasure to experience. do you do any other art? Believe me, I have tried! I would love to draw, but my heart just isn't in it to want to practise more often. If I could draw or paint, I would create the most imaginary worlds. The closest thing to art I do is dabble in is sewing. I make art dolls to swap with other artisans online. I am not fantastic, but I feel a little flutter of pride every time I've finished the last stitch!