Floating Geometric Sculptures by Rafael Barrios on Park Avenue

Those aren't UFOs and Tron hasn't made its way into real life... that's pretty much what I had to tell myself when I first saw Venezuelan sculptor Rafael Barrios' work on Park Avenue in Manhattan.  It took at least two double takes to realize that the sculptures composed of cubes weren't actually floating in air and were not some sort of hologram.

This particular work, Malabarismo Lineal, is constructed with steel and acrylic lacquer.  The works, which each have their own names, were put up in March and will remain on Park Ave on various blocks in Midtown East until June 30th of this year.  Some of the most interesting ones are in vibrant colors like blue and purple but we'll leave those for you to discover on your own.

Check out some photos of the mind-bending works below.