Accessorize Your Life with Art: Morphik

In the wonderful world of New York City, I don't know a single person that claims to have ample living space, and that usually means forgetting about hanging up all of your favorite pieces of artwork as well.  Fortunately, the folks at Morphik have built an innovative art-you-wear accessory brand which miniaturizes pieces from photographers, painters, and street artists so you can wear them right on your wrist.

Morphik's magnetic artwork snaps easily into cuffs and bracelets (but still holds well enough to not fall off), and because the mini-masterpieces are interchangeable, you can own one bracelet and switch up the art as you see fit.  When you're not wearing it, Morphik's packaging doubles as a frame for hanging and displaying your collection of artwork.  We bet that if you had a wall full of these it would look really awesome.  The bands come in both men's and women's variations with a variety of colors and a myriad of work is available for purchase from artists in countries like Japan, Brazil, and China.

You can shop Morphik here and be sure to stop by their Facebook page as well.

Morphik's display boxes double as hangable frames to show off your art. 

Each tile fixes magnetically to the bracelet or mount, and each piece of art comes with a booklet about the artwork.

Cuffs come in a variety of leather colors and variations, and each includes one piece of art. Choose wisely!