Uniqlo x Undercover UU Spring 2012 Collection Launch

At solifestyle we love Uniqlo because of its affordability and quality. We were particularly excited several months ago when we heard that Uniqlo would collaborate with Japanese brand Undercover to replace their very successful +J line.

This past Friday, the UU collection (Uniqlo x Undercover) launched worldwide, and though it is vastly more affordable than the usual prices of Jun Takahashi's Undercover brand, the reaction was mixed.  Undercover is known for cutting edge design and material usage, but Jun was reportedly nervous about delivering such edge to his Uniqlo collection because of the brand's mass-appeal.  The result is, in our opinion, a collection that had the potential to be great but didn't quite get there.  We have higher hopes for the next season which is reportedly more in line with Undercover's unique style.

You can pickup the Uniqlo x Undercover UU collection now at Uniqlo stores throughout NYC.  What did you think of the collection? Let us know in the comments.