Supreme Kate Moss T-Shirt, Poster, and Sticker Madness

Your last chance to buy the Supreme Kate Moss t-shirt at the retail price of $44 was this past Thursday via Supreme's online store, and although the shirt was gone in roughly 3 minutes, the website didn't undergo it's usual spontaneous combustion.  All of us at solifestyle are big fans of the super model, so we didn't just go for the Supreme Kate Moss t-shirt, we went for the posters and stickers as well.

Unfortunately the t-shirt's print quality isn't amazing, resulting in a picture of Kate that looks a bit um... manly?  But the posters definitely do her justice.  We plan to put one in a frame to go right next to the Lady Gaga poster we had framed from last season.  Were you chasing Supreme x Kate Moss this season?  Did you succeed in finding her?  Let us know in the comments below.