S.S. Soap & Body Co. Review

Lord knows I can't get enough bath and body products, so I was so excited to try out some of S.S. Soap & Body Co's all natural and affordable concoctions. S.S. Soap & Body Co. is a company that makes all natural handmade soaps, lotions, body scrubs, and way more (even a popular beard conditioner, for all the men about to click out of this post). All of their products are paraben & phthalate free, and never tested on animals. 

I tried out their Lavender Soap (which made my mailbox smell heavenly), Sweet Pea Solid Lotion Stick, and the Strawberry Banana Whipped Body Butter. Bottom line is that all of the products are great, especially the solid lotion stick, which in my opinion is the most unique product they offer. Paul even liked the Sweet Pea scent, and he's really hard to please when it comes to fragrances. Check out more detailed reviews of each product below, and go to S.S. Soap & Body Co's website to see all that they have to offer. 

This lavender soap smells great. It lathers up really well in the shower, and leaves just a hint of scent on the skin. The color and bits of lavender inside the soap make it even more alluring, and definitely brightens up the shower. 

The Sweet Pea Solid Lotion Stick ($8) was definitely my favorite product - the scent is really relaxing and natural. I also love that it comes in a stick, so it's easy to apply. I would recommend using this at night because it is very rich and takes some time to sink into the skin. 

I'm not a huge fan of the scent of this Strawberry Banana Whipped Body Butter, but the texture of it is totally dreamy. It's super silky, but still light.