Photographer Focus: Victoria Zeoli

The colors, Duke, the colors! That's a semi-obscure reference from a 90's popsicle commercial that I think totally suits Victoria Zeoli's photography. 

Seeing Victoria's photos for the first time, the first thing you notice is definitely the startling use of vibrant colors, which are unsettlingly beautiful. The second thing you might notice is the crazy circumstances her subjects are put in, which definitely succeed in soliciting emotion from the no-doubt confused viewer. These days where the trend in photography tends to be more relaxed, subdued images that have a vintage feel, her refreshing, bold style really stands out in the best possible way. See more of Victoria's work on her website, and check out a quick Q&A with the artist below.

location Florida and New York USA favorite camera Vivitar random fact about yourself My birthday is John Lennon's death day favorite subject matter to shoot Fashion, people. what makes a great photo Emotion why do you love photography It makes me feel complete do you do any other art? I paint and draw