Photographer Focus: Leo Berne

Our next photographer, Leo Berne, comes to us from the city of love, Paris. Leo's images are totally striking to me, each one stops you in your tracks. Every photo seems completely deliberate, almost as if the goings on in them are staged or planned in advance. Many of his images also evoke strong emotions from the viewer - the one below of the two old men staring at the ocean almost makes me teary eyed, and I'm not sure why. Leo uses photography to remember events in his life, but finds that over time the image becomes stronger and tends to erase the actual memory, which is something I think everyone can relate to. This was one of the hardest Photographer Focuses for me to edit, because all of his images deserve to be center stage. 

To view more of Leo's work, check out his amazing online portfolio titled I Barely Remember, and to learn more about the artist read the short and sweet Q&A below. 

location Paris favorite camera Leica M6 random fact about yourself I did a music video for Madonna. favorite subject matter to shoot Things I'd like to remember photographers you admire Araki, James Nachtwey, Kohei Yoshiyuki, Paar, Asger Carlsen, Dash Snow, Raimond Wouda and so many more. what makes a great photo A good viewer. what makes a terrible photo A "©dickhead photography" at the bottom right of the picture. why do you love photography You don't necessarily need to be a good photographer to do good photographs. do you do any other art? I'm a director in the collective MEGAFORCE and we do some music videos: