Olek 'Synthetic Nature' Exhibit at Krause Gallery, NYC

Remember that birthday party you went to as a kid?  You know... the one with the weird clown making balloon animals?  If that clown went off the deep end, and had a real talent for crocheting, he would've created Olek's latest exhibit titled: 'Synthetic Nature.'  At the Krause Gallery in Manhattan's Lower East Side neighborhood, artist Olek, best known for her work covering things in crocheted camouflage, manages to avoid her trademark knitting altogether and instead crafted a giant tent out of intertwined balloons.  How somebody crochets balloons, I cannot imagine, but the giant tent which she has created is really spectacular.

Around the tent are photos of people clothed in crochet, framed in crocheted frames.  The photos are meant to be viewed through the tent which is sure to take your body into some sort of crochet cardiac arrest if it wasn't already.  The Olek with David E. Peterson Synthetic Nature exhibit can be seen until April 10th, or until the balloons run out of air I guess...

Olek Synthetic Nature
Krause Gallery
Wednesday to Sunday 12-6pm until April 10th
149 Orchard Street (at Rivington Street)
Lower East Side, NYC