Kaikai Kiki Gallery @ The Armory Show, NYC

Though the Kaikai Kiki Gallery is most famous for its owner and founder, Japanese contemporary artist Takashi Murakami, the gallery which is based in Japan and Taiwan represents several other creative artists as well.  At the Armory Show this year, Kaikai Kiki showed off paintings, sculptures and videos primarily created by Japanese artists Mahomi Kunikata and ob.

Kunikata finds her calling exploring dark themes like abandonment and depression through anime looking characters, creating art that confuses the viewer by blending both gruesome and erotic imagery with an otherwise cute style.  ob opts for a more surreal approach, using soft colors and blending to create cloud like scenes that reflect her view of the world today.  ob is only 20 years old which makes the fact that she is represented by a major gallery like Kaikai Kiki extremely impressive.

At solifestyle we've been following the gallery for more than 5 years now, and we were excited to see the works on a more intimate level at The Armory Show.  When asked about future New York exhibitions we were excited to hear that Kaikai Kiki artist Mr. would be showing later this year and that the gallery may have a show with Gagosian Gallery in the works.