BOOM! Presented by Culture Shock at VoltaNY

BOOM! was a refreshing exhibit at VoltaNY because you took a break from using your eyes and opened up your ears to the sweet sounds of boomboxes controlled by iPads. 

The old school devices lining the wall are from the personal collection of photographer and boombox enthusiast Lyle Owerko (pictured above), who is currently working on The Boombox Project, a visual timeline of the era of the boombox. The devices on the wall could be controlled by 5 iPads, each with different mesmerizing patterns that when manipulated with your finger changed the sounds emitted from the wall of machines. In this age of digital music and ubiquitous iPods, it's easy to forget about the explosion of creativity that the boombox created in the 80s, and the way it represented a generation, influencing music, dance and culture. Integrating the iPads was a fun way to unite two totally unique periods in music and technology. Can't wait to see what comes next from the creative minds at Culture Shock!