Tips for Maintaining Designer Glasses

Glasses provide you with more than just improved vision. They can also serve to alter or enhance your appearance as a fashion accessory.

Throughout February, LensWay – the online optical store,  have been offering discounts on selected designer glasses as part of their Most Loved Frames promotion. These frames include the ever popular Derek Cardigan range, as well as favourites like the supremely thin Kam Dhillon 3022. All of the Most Loved Frames are available with £30 off, if purchased with a lens upgrade.

But designer glasses aren’t always available at these prices, and whether they're purely functional or fashionable, the spectacles you buy will last much longer when they're taken care of. LensWay has compiled a list of tips to help you look after your eyewear. 

Dirty glasses can obstruct your vision and also damage the lenses – a terrible shame for a nice pair of glasses to be damaged so easily. Small particles of dust, sand or dirt might seem harmless but they can scratch the lenses of your eyeglasses. Clean your glasses off with special cleaning tissues or glass cleaner. Use a soft, microfiber or cotton cloth to avoid damaging the glass. Brush dirt particles off the lenses with a dry cloth first, and then spritz glass cleaner or apply a squirt of liquid hand soap to each lens. Gently rub the lenses with a soft cloth or your fingers. Rinse the lenses and dry them with the microfiber or cotton cloth.

During times when you're not wearing your spectacles it's best to store them in their eyeglass case. Leaving your glasses to sit for a few minutes on the desk or table might not sound dangerous but it only takes a moment for them to get knocked down. As long as your glasses are safely stored in the case, they are safe from scratches and breakage due to falling or being dropped.

The tiny screws in the frames can naturally work themselves loose over time. These can be easily fixed at the store where you purchased your glasses or with an at-home eyeglass repair kit. Keep the screws tightened and check for other minor issues. As long as you take care of these problems when they arise, you can prevent bigger problems, such as having your glasses fall apart while at work or in-transit.

If you follow these tips, designer glasses are likely to last longer!