Photographer Focus: Christina Viscu

Christina's work is all about serenity, and capturing that peaceful, quiet, perfect moment in time. She appreciates when photographers spend time creating the perfect photo, as opposed to editing the life out of it, which is refreshing. I would happily trade places with any one of her subjects, who are transported to such naturally beautiful places. Learn a little more about the artist in the quick Q&A below, and to see more of Cristina's work be sure to check out her portfolio and Facebook page. 

location between 36.2°,-86.7° and 47.0°,28.8° favorite camera Kiev 88, Zenit 11 random fact about yourself numerology fascinates me. favorite subject matter to shoot people, fleeting moments. photographers you admire I have an admiration for honest photographers, brave photographers, photographers who spent most of their time shooting (not editing) and people who have an appreciation to film and history. what makes a great photo its ability to awaken emotion in us. what makes a terrible photo the lack of heart in it. do you do any other art? i draw.