Oh Captain My Captain x Betty Street Art

This is really something that could only happen in New York. At an event recently celebrating ASVP, Paul and I were fortunate to meet a fellow street artist by the name of Oh Captain My Captain, or OCMC for short. He told us an amazing story of how he got started in street art, by pasting photos of his grandmother around town so he could see her while walking around the city. 

Completely in awe of this heartwarming story, I immediately jumped at the chance to have a similar experience, and asked if I could send him some old photos of my grandmother. This past weekend, I received a bunch of emails from Captain telling me the location of each and every one of his pastings, and I went out with Paul to take photos of and with all of them. I felt so happy seeing her around, and paying this tribute to her nearly 12 years after her death. Talk about a once in a lifetime opportunity. So if you see these portraits around NYC, say hi to my grandmother, Betty.