Etsy at the Grammys: Gilding Primal Instinct

If you were watching the Grammys red carpet, you probably noticed the girl in the pink princess dress with guns strapped to her arm. The girl is Russian-born recording artist Sasha Gradiva, and the 'Machine Girl Arm Piece' was made by Gilding Primal Instinct, a line by Etsy seller DanielleNicoleMetals. Talk about girl power! This Etsy store is sure to blow up (figuratively), so check out their unique wares (like the claw rings below) while you still can. 

What was your favorite look on the Grammys red carpet?

Sasha Gradiva in Gilding Primal Instinct's Machine Girl Arm Piece

Predator Rings by Gilding Primal Instinct - $900