Vans Syndicate x WTAPS Burgundy Bones - A Detailed Look

Just when I was eyeing up my black Vans x WTAPS Eras, thinking to myself that they had seen better days, Vans Syndicate made an otherwise cold and boring December a bit more exciting by releasing the WTAPS Burgundy Bones pack.  Available in 3 of Vans' best styles- the Chukka Boot "S", Era "S" and Sk8 Hi "S"- the kicks feature the crossbones embroidery which has made WTAPS and their ongoing, limited release  collaboration with Vans so sought after over the past few years.

For me, the decision to purchase was easy, but going about executing the buy was a bit more challenging.  Shops quickly sold out of all styles of the Burgundy Bones because of the amount of hype attached to the release (WTAPS Vans have been sought after since their first incarnation in Syndicate collection 003 dating back to 2006).  I was in contact with about 5 shops before I found the styles I wanted in my size. Although retail price for this release was significantly more than the last bones release in 2007, the detailing has been updated to match the higher cost and I ended up being quite impressed.

In the end, I ended up with both the Chukkas and the Era.  Check the detailed photos below.

Let's start with the packaging.  The shoes came in special WTAPS branded boxes with metal WTAPS inlays.  The extra laces were individually wrapped in WTAPS paper bags and the shoes were in branded shoe bags.

The kicks themselves were done with a quality suede and canvas with embroidered crossbones.  The tongue of the shoes has a co-branded label with each company's motto on it.  In the light, the shoes look maroon/burgundy in color but in the shade they take on a hint of purple.  They're great looking kicks and I can't wait to put them on.  The Chukka laces are leather, whereas the Eras came with standard cotton laces.

Good luck finding them! I got mine from