MTV IGGY’S Best New Band 2011 Concert

MTV IGGY's call to their international audience to vote for their favorite music groups brought some of the world's bests bands together for one great concert. I was lucky enough to receive a free ticket to this event! The winner and headliner for the Best New Band Concert was the Korean pop group 2NE1. They performed alongside the runner ups: South American band La Vida Boheme, reggae artist Gyptian and the Malaysian artist Yuna.

For a foreign pop group, 2NE1 has a huge international fan base. Their sound is energetic and their choreographed dance numbers always get the fans pumped. Being their first performance on American soil, 2NE1's members CLDaraBom and Minzy did not disappoint with their electrifying performance. They will be making their official American debut next year with the help of of the Black Eyed Peas.

Jeremy Scott
Along with their music and dancing, 2NE1's fans are infatuated with their unique style. Turns out that over-the-top fashion designer Jeremy Scott is responsible for styling their stage and music video performances. Jeremy Scott is also responsible for many custom Adidas Originals pieces they sport in editorials. Surprisingly, he made an appearance on the show to talk about the his fashion and his work with the girls.

Gyptian got the audience vibing with his reggae club tracks. The stage was transformed into a nightclub with a DJ, dancers, and candle lit tables.

Malaysian singer Yuna also blew the crowd away. She performed an amazing rendition of Nirvana's Come As You Are and two of her original tracks, one of which was produced by Pharrell Williams. For her breakthrough album she worked with Pharrell so we can expect big things from her!