Mastermind Japan Apartment Building

"When Brands Go Too Far" should be the title of this post because Mastermind has gone overboard this time.  They've planned the concept for a rental apartment building which is to open in Azabu, Tokyo, right by the Tokyo Tower, midway through January 2012.  The building itself will be called Mastermind Juban and rent will start at about 120,000 Yen which is about $1500 USD a month (the units are only studios but thats a pretty good price compared to NYC!!) and they seem to be offering a single month rent option instead of signing a full lease.  

The building is to be painted black (big shock there) and the inside will feature minimal design heavy on black and white elements.  We don't know if there will be MMJ details in the apartment itself but the sample photo above does show a massive skull rug so I have to assume it will have some.  The building certainly will have the branding as the website highlights the massive Mastermind Skull which will adorn the entrance.