Lady Gaga by Terry Richardson Photography Book

Both rockstars in their respective fields, megastar Lady Gaga and fashion photographer Terry Richardson have just published this huge 350+ page photography book.  In the book, Terry Richardson, known for his gritty, washed-out portraiture gets to showoff some rarely seen versatility having followed Gaga around for a almost a full year during the peak of the Monster Ball Tour.

Out of the more than 10,000 photos Richardson shot of Lady Gaga in both personal and professional settings, only about 450 made the cut to the final published coffee table book.  In the end, Gaga and Richardson are a perfect match for each other; both known for crazy and over-the-top antics which are brilliantly captured in the book.

I purchased mine from the Gaga's Workshop pop up shop because they donate a portion of the profits to charity, but Amazon and other bookstores should have it as well.  Check out the book's own website here.