Saves the Day @ Irving Plaza, NYC

It's been a really long time since I've gone to what we used to call a 'scene' show.  Do they still call it that?  Is there even still a scene?  About 9 years ago, I really liked Saves the Day.  Their whiny, punky music was a gateway drug into what became a 5 year obsession with hard and then really hard music... bands with names like, 'Every Time I Die,' and 'Between the Buried and Me.'

About a week and a half ago, I heard Saves the Day would be in town playing at Irving Plaza.  Then, amidst a quarter-life mini-crisis and bout of nostalgia, I impulse purchased some tickets, called ahead to avoid seeing any opening acts and arrived five minutes before Saves the Day took the stage.  Their new music might as well not have existed, all that stuck in my mind from their whole hour plus set was, 'Freakish,' 'Through Being Cool,' 'At Your Funeral,' 'You Vandal,' and 'Shoulder to the Wheel.'  Thanks, Saves the Day, for delivering exactly what I wanted- my childhood, served warm, on an emo-esque platter.

I hope you enjoy my photos.