Photographer Focus: Tang Chan

Tang has an amazing style. It's clear that she specializes in the monotony of everyday life, with some humor infused into the mix. The photos themselves completely echo her subject matter. They are grainy, imperfect images but somehow you are drawn to them. See more work by Tang Chan here and a short Q&A with the artist below.

location Paris, France
favorite camera Olympus Mju:II and E-P1
favorite subject matter to shoot There are always my friends in the pictures and it's like they all get used to facing my camera.
photographers you admire Man Ray, Sarah Moon and Juergen Teller.
what makes a great photo You need to realize what you like and what you want.
why do you love photography I prefer taking photos based on "occasionality". It’s better creating the fun by yourself rather than waiting for it to happen.
do you do any other art? Actually, I am a fashion designer and a special contributor to several fashion magazines. I started on an art project of fashion drawing recently.