Outfitted: A.P.C.

Clean, fitted cuts in plain colors made high quality materials define the French brand A.P.C.  I've droned on about their signature denim and mentioned their outerwear, but it's not just about any one aspect of the company.  It's about the fact that A.P.C. can design collection after consistent collection and still keep me coming back for more.  Each season the brand produces a preview poster of their lineup and mails it to me, and every season, without fail, I study it intently picking out the season's 'must haves.'

In the picture above I'm wearing an A.P.C. fishtail parka, sweater and Petit Standard jeans. The shoes are Mark McNairy for A Bathing Ape.

A.P.C. has two stores in New York- 131 Mercer Street in Soho and 92 Perry Street in the West Village.