Nail Polish...for Men. Rebel Nail Paints by EvolutionMan

Last time I heard about men, or actually boys, wearing nail polish, FOX news went into anaphylactic shock. Of course I'm referring to when J.Crew exec Jenna Lyons painted her young son's toes pink. When men paint their nails, it kind of causes a stir. So this brand new collection of nail polishes, designed especially for men, are surly going to cause a commotion. The award winning men's skincare brand EvolutionMan has just released 5 Rebel Nail Paints suited for men, including barely there shades like Pure Matte and Pavement, along with some more shocking colors like Alter Ego and Stand Out. So men: let's hear it. Does this make it ok for men to paint their nails? Would you wear nail polish?