e.l.f. Eyeshadow Palettes

So, the last thing I need is more makeup. But whenever I go to Target, I'm always on the lookout for elf products, which are usually completely depleted by the time I get there. e.l.f., which stands for eyes lips face, has a bit of a cult following because of the extremely low cost of the products, which are actually pretty good quality. So when I stopped by Target the other day and saw racks (on racks on racks) of palettes by elf, I had to pick up a few.

I was immediately drawn to the colors above, perfect for the everyday look. These eyeshadows, coming in at a whopping $3, are the 6 color elf Natural palette. I've already tried these, and while they're not the most pigmented of colors, for $3 I can make them work.

This is the elf 32 Warm palette. I was drawn to both the colors and the price of this one, $5! Can't wait to try all of the shades. 

All in all I left Target with 38 new eyeshadows, which put an $8 dent in my wallet. Money well spent. Are you a fan of elf makeup? Let me know what elf products I should try in the comments below.