Beats by Dr. Dre Pop-Up Store - Soho, NYC

Just last week, Dr. Dre opened a Beats by Dr. Dre pop-up shop in Soho to capitalize on the holiday shopping rush which is starting to get underway... as if you didn't see enough of the giant and albeit great sounding red accented headphones on the street as it is.  Inside you'll find (you guessed it) every kind of Beats headphones known to man.  Joking aside, the store's design fits in perfectly with the neighborhood and is designed with a heavy emphasis on black and white, and a gallery wall featuring special collaboration headphones to give you something to look at (featured customized headphones include the New York Yankees, Serena Williams and Kobe Bryant.)

Past the listening stations at the front of the shop is a sound-proofed listening room for the Beatbox speaker system, a shelf full of Beats t-shirts and a VIP shopping section if you're part of the NYC elite that hasn't already filled your apartment with Beats gear presented to you by Dre himself.  One thing to note is that there was no sign of the in-ear headphones like the Lady Gaga Heartbeats or iBeats, but the store does carry their new wireless line of headphones which sound great.  The advent of the Beats store to the area now means you have two Dr. Dre retailers literally across the street from each other because the Apple store (post to follow) has opened on Spring.

Beats by Dr. Dre Pop-up Store
67 Greene St. (btw Spring and Broome Streets)
Soho, NYC