ArtRage iPad Demo by David Kassan Sponsored by Stonehenge

What can't the iPad do these days? Thanks to the amazingly sophisticated app ArtRage, you can now have a mobile painting studio at your fingertips. Last night artist David Kassan demo-ed the app in front of an astounded audience. Using a Nomad brush for the iPad, Kassan "painted" a portrait that has all of the brushstrokes and textures of a real oil painting in about 3 hours. The painting session was interspersed by music from singer songwriter Jasmine Commerce, and of course, champagne. The awesome event was put on by Stonehenge Apartments.

Kassan says he is gutsier when creating art on the iPad; because there's no drying time or potential waste of materials you can really experiment and play around with the medium. He also loves it as a teaching tool, because you can demonstrate a technique to students and just email the lesson after class. ArtRage also has a unique record feature, that allows you to document the entire progression from beginning to end, and then rewind or fast forward the whole process. Whether you're creating fine works of art like Kassan, or just looking to dabble in oil painting on the subway or in a museum, now you've got the perfect tool. Check out pics from the event below, as well as a YouTube video of Kassan painting a portrait on the iPad, which has garnered over a million views.

David says that his iPad painting informs his real painting, and he is gutsier when using this tool.

If you look closely, you can see brush strokes and textures that resemble a real oil painting.

Music by the very talented Jasmine Commerce

The final product!