Photographer Focus: Evan Hall

Evan's work is simple, yet captivating. It's all about living life and celebrating the natural world around us. I love the nostalgic feel of his photos, and the subject matter he presents in each one. Check out more of his photos below, and his clothing line, Once Youth, here.

location Los Angeles, CA
favorite camera Canon AE-1 (However, I'm desperately searching for a new one!)
random fact I'M THE SL0TH KING
favorite subject I really enjoy shooting females. I love capturing the delicate and nostalgic moods they create.
photographers you admire Jeurgen Teller, Wolfgang Tillmans, Larry Clark, Richard Avedon
what makes a great photo Good question. In my opinion a great photo is able to make a person feel emotion, it's able to connect with them. They tell a strong story and are able to influence the way people think.
what makes a terrible photo A terrible photographer. One who cares more about the camera than the craft.
why do you love photography Photography makes me feel so much more connected with the world around me. I love its documentation, beauty, and they way it's able to capture moments in life. Simple pictures can tell the greatest of stories.
do you do any other art? I design clothing!

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