Missoni for Target Shipment Number 2

Target was playing hard to get with me last week.  They marked my Missoni for Target housewares as shipped and then didn't actually ship them for 5 more days.  Shipment complaints aside, my colorful bowls, plates and tumblers arrived a couple days ago and I was somewhat disappointed!

In my haste to order Missoni products from a barely functioning Target website two weeks ago, I failed to read exactly what the items I ordered were made of.  So there I was expecting glasses made of actual glass and bowls and plates made of something slightly more substantial than plastic.  Alas my dreams were not to be realized and I now have some pretty dishes suitable for a rowdy college crowd.  This is perfectly ok for the cups, but the plates and bowls have almost no weight to them.  At least they're nice to look at.  In the end I was much happier with the duvet cover and necktie which arrived last week.