Photographer Focus: Mariana Fuentes Zamorano

Mariana's photos are like life: on acid. Her work transcends every day life, and exhibits a magical world where reality is blurred, sometimes quite literally. See more of her work and a brief Q&A with the artist after the jump.  

location Buenos Aires, Argentina
favorite camera My Canon EOS 500N & my Lomo Fisheye 2 
random fact about yourself Don’t take pictures of me, thanks.
favorite subject matter to shoot Those things that people don’t see, or don’t notice, in everyday life. The commonplace things, but from another point of view.
photographers you admire I admire many photographers, each within his genre. Most of them are anonymous and one just stumbles into their blogs, pages, portfolios, etc. If I had to name one now it would be Autumn de Wilde. I love her work, both stills and film. Also more classic photographers such as Man Ray, Grete Stern, David Bailey, Diane Arbus… And from here in Latinamerica, Roberto Huarcaya and Cecilia Szalkwoicz. I’m sure I’ve forgotten to name some, but in any case, opinions change a lot over time…
what makes a great photo Most of all, sensitivity or a connection with what you’re shooting. Once you have that, your photos develop a very personal style. Oftentimes I see simple photographs that have that magical touch that just makes them beautiful. This said, it also requires a certain technique.
what makes a terrible photo A lack of love for what is being photographed, a simple click without taking into account the implications. Digital cameras are so automatic and can take thousands of pictures a minute, for no further reason than to take them. 
why do you love photography I got caught up in this madness in late 2008 as a hobby, while taking a little course. Afterwards, I realized there was a lot behind a simple “click”. Over time I learned that I could connect with the things I photograph in a very different way.
It also has to do with knowing that I am perpetuating a single moment for infinity, from a certain point of view, in a specific context. Of course, I end up realizing that my favorite photo will be the one I take tomorrow… Like Imogen Cunningham once said.
do you do any other art? Yes, I draw/paint with watercolor pencils, but you’ll never see those.

Check out more of Mariana's work here.