Hudson Terrace, Hells Kitchen, NYC

So there I was, in a trendy club with girls wearing barely anything and guys doing their best to put their moves on them... and I had a backpack. Yes, a backpack with my camera in it.  I mean, it doesn't make me look as cool as I'd like carrying around a bag in the club, but hey, I'm surprised they even let me in the door with it, so that was a win for the night already.  As I sipped expensive drinks and hung out with friends, I decided to snap some photos because if I was going to look like that guy, I might as well play the part too!  If you were one of the many people that thought I was the official event photographer- I'll come clean, I wasn't. And I'm pretty sure I told you that up front and you STILL wanted me to take your photo.  I'll give you the benefit of the doubt and blame it on that $17 mixed drink in your hand.  Jokes aside, as a venue Hudson Terrace was great, attractive crowd, low hassle at the door and a nice open air space.  I'll make sure to come back one day that I DON'T have a backpack.