Brand Watch: Civic Duty Shoes

I made the mistake of wanting to wear my leather military boots on an 86 degree day.  Not good.

After a few hours I was in serious need of either Band-Aids or a new pair of shoes and then, ever so conveniently, I found these awesome sneakers.  They're by a relatively new brand called Civic Duty.  The material, as you can probably see from the picture, is not leather or canvas.  To the touch it feels like a combination of light cardboard and rice paper.  But really, they're made from that high-tech material called Tyvek- which is normally used to create those insanely durable but paper thin mailing envelopes that Fedex uses.  In addition to being technologically interesting, the material usage makes them very light and also very comfortable.  People concerned about the environment will be happy to know that the shoes and packaging are both recyclable and the construction process is green conscious.  There are several silhouettes available for purchase, my favorite being the one I'm holding above called, "Sensation."

You can grab your pair at treasure & bond in SoHo or through the Civic Duty website which has all of the colors and models available.  Look forward to seeing lots more from this brand in the future!