Birchbox: My August Box

My August Birchbox arrived today! As usual, I immediately tore into it to see what I got. Descriptions of the products are below.

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1. blinc Mascara
Can't wait to try this mascara! It says it puts little tubes over your lashes...we'll see how it works!
2. Atelier Cologne in Orange Sanguine
I have to say I'm in love with this scent - it's very unique, and almost masculine. I mean, it is called cologne after all. 
3. FIX Malibu Wish Wash Exfoliating Powder Wash
Love trying new skincare products, and I've never tried an exfoliating powder...
4. Caudalie Premier Cru The Eye Cream
Expected this, as I went to the Caudalie Birchbox party!
5. twistband Hair Tie
Cute alternative to the Goodie drugstore variety