Billy's Antiques & Props NYC - A Trove of Oddities

If this photo confuses you, it should.  You might find yourself asking, 'why are there stuffed boar heads displayed on a fence above trays of vintage jewelry?'  Welcome to Billy's Antiques & Props -your friendly Bowery neighborhood junk and antique sale.  They've got just about everything for sale that you've ever asked yourself 'where do you even buy one of those?'  I'm talking subway signs (are they allowed to sell that?), smoke shop indians, antique furniture and stuffed animals (real animals that have been stuffed).  Billy's opened in 1986 and continues to provide your East Village fix of oddities on Tuesday to Sunday 1pm to 8pm.

Billy's Antiques & Props
76 East Houston St. (btw Elizabeth and Bowery)
East Village, NYC