What do you mean you haven't seen Transformers yet?

Children of the 80's (and everyone else) UNITE! There is yet another action packed Transformers movie to behold. I saw Transformers Dark of the Moon yesterday night, and I have to admit, I did not have high hopes. I mean, they switched out leading lady, Megan Fox (and I hate when movies do that), but to my suprise I was wrong, I really did enjoy the movie.

The Autobots (Optimus Prime and his buddies) go on a tour to make sure humans weren't blowing each other to shreads and what not, while Sam Witwicky (Shia le Beouf) goes on a post-college job hunt, all too eager to reap the rewards of being earths hero; meanwhile, there's yet another military cover up, this time on the Dark side of the Moon!  Will the Autobots continue to come out on top? or is it finally the Decepticons time to shine? You'll have to go check it out, there are a lot of twist and turns in this one guys!