Sneak Peak: Jeremy Scott x Adidas Originals Teddy Bear 'Pink'

Following up from their Original Teddy Bear Release, Jeremy Scott and Adidas have come out with another colorway. Less wearable for the male demographic, the pink teddy bear was a perfect release for that female sneakerhead.

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Model: Adidas Originals x Jeremy Scott 'JS Bear'
Color: Pink
Style #: G44001
MSRP: $180.00

Although these were even more outlandish than the originals, they were still very sought after and sold out in more stores within minutes. These were released in Men's sizes but also ranged into female sizes. The smaller sizes were the most sought after as expected. These would be the perfect shoe for someone's daughter or even wife.

Other than the colorway, Jeremy Scott and Adidas kept the silhouette and accents exactly the same. All the comforts of wearing stuffed animals on your feet is still there. I guess we will wait to see what colorway they come out with next and if they are even more ridiculous than these.