Photographer Focus: Häre Christian

It's hard to sum up Häre's photography style in a short blurb. To be frank, it's all over the place, which makes him a unique talent. Living in Barcelona, Häre specializes in personal moments and nature, and captures them beautifully. He photographs ordinary subject matter in an extraordinary way. Check out more of his work after the jump.

location I'm from Sweden, and live in Barcelona, Spain.
favorite camera I don't have one, yet. 
favorite subject matter to shoot Personal moments. 
photographers you admire Humanitarian ones I suppose, those who document tragedy such as war, starvation etc, not because of their photographs, I've hardly ever seen any, but because of the importance of their work. 
what makes a great photo I wouldn't know, a square and its content. I never really think about these things. 
what makes a terrible photo I'd say it can only be terrible if it gets recognition, then one can have an opinion of its worthyness. Otherwise it's just a photo, good or bad, and should not be critizised, you know. 
why do you love photography I'm not sure I do. Or maybe I do, but it's very personal and any explanation could easily become cheezy. 
do you do any other art? Yes, skateboarding.

Check out more of Häre's work on his website.