Photographer Focus: Cecy Young

Daydreaming captured on film (or should I say captured on pixels) is how I'd describe Cecy's photo style. She loves making unreal moments reality. Everything in her images is perfectly planned out, and all that work pays off with beautiful photos. Check out more of her work and a brief Q&A with the artist after the jump.
name Cecy Young
location Monterrey, Mexico

favorite camera Canon 5D Mark II
favorite subject matter to shoot Interesting subjects like girls and food. 
photographers you admire Tim Walker, Camilla Akrans, Sandra Freij, Emma Summerton.
what makes a great photo A good and genuine concept & purpose, use of lighting, talent. Being true to yourself and your style.
what makes a terrible photo When there's no concept and no inspiration, when the work is a copy of others... you can see when a photo is empty.
why do you love photography Photography is a medium that has a very deep bond with reality and memory, I love that every photograph ever taken is an event that actually happened. The interaction with the subject, the planning, and the importance of understanding lighting and events that happen in the daily life are also facts that make me love photography.

See more of Cecy's work on her website.