Good Eats: Laut NYC

I'll be quick to admit that our trip to Laut was based on a Groupon.  But I'll admit equally quickly that after the first bite I was ready to make Laut part of my restaurant repertoire.  In late 2010 Laut was the first Malaysian restaurant to be awarded a Michelin star and the flavors confirm the rating.  The menu is a mixture of Thai, Malaysian and Singaporean and whatever you order is sure to please.  We enjoyed everything we ordered, but the highlight was the Roti Canai appetizer.  The decor had a South East Asian vibe without being over the top, which is a good thing.  There's no need for cheese in such a good restaurant.  solifestyle strongly recommends Laut next time your passing the time in the Union Square area.

15 E 17th St. (between Broadway and 5th Ave)
Flat Iron District, NYC