Photographer Focus: Sean Kelly Conway

What I love about Sean's work is it really features that luck of the moment kind of photography - when everything naturally comes together to make the perfect photo. Living in Seoul, South Korea his world is full of amazing subject matter that all looks foreign and new to Americans like us. His work is all about interesting happenings in super normal settings. Whether it's the perfect light, scenery, or his subject matter's actions that make it that way, Sean is there to capture it. See more of his work, and a brief artist bio, after the jump.

location Seoul, South Korea
favorite subject matter to shoot Primarily interested in street/urban photography. Currently taken with exploring the remaining traditional markets (and other changing spaces) in an ever modernizing South Korea.
photographers you admire Mostly the greats of the street genre. New York legends Joel Meyerowitz and Bruce Gilden come to mind.I think we all own a lot to the infamous French photojournalist Henri-Cartier Bresson also.
why do you love photography I've always liked to wander aimlessly and having a camera gives me more of a purpose in doing so. I like getting swept of a crowd and trying to make a frame amongst it. I find photographing on the street to be a really fulfilling activity.

Check out more of Sean's photography here and his blog here.