Photographer Focus: Elisabeth Dare

Elisabeth is a pro at capturing the perfect, serene moment in time. You can almost hear the waves crashing, the leaves rustling, and the soft creak of floorboards while looking at her photos. Taking inspiration from old, anonymous photos and using a Russian Analog film SLR, she has really found her photography style and I'm loving it. In her images, life is perfect. Check out more photos by Elisabeth, as well as a brief Q&A with the artist after the jump.

location Lakewood, Ohio
favorite camera Zenit B (russian analog film slr)
favorite subject matter to shoot small moments that people usually forget about.
photographers you admire most are anonymous, I love to leaf through old photographs of people, there are usually oodles of them at antique stores that people have left behind somewhere or another. I fall in love with the photos that just everyday people take of their lives, there is as much beauty in them as in those that get popular acclaim.
what makes a great photo any photograph that becomes burned in your mind, an image you can constantly remember, is great. any photograph that makes your heart skip a beat deserves the name "great".
what makes a terrible photo over editing a photograph, or using too much photoshop to manipulate an image. 
why do you love photography I love to be able to keep little bits of life with me forever.

Check out Elisabeth's Flickr and Blog.