Photographer Focus: Benedetta Falugi

I was drawn to Benedetta's work because a lot of it focuses on one of my favorite places to be: in the water. Living in Grosseto, Italy, she is never too far from it, and I am so jealous. The way she is able to capture natural light is incredible, and it reflects a dreamy and imaginative aura over her photos. Check out more of her work and a short Q&A with the artist after the jump.

 benedetta falugi

location grosseto (italy)
favorite camera an old, half broken, lc-a and olympus om 1
random fact about yourself i'm instinctive, passionate and at this moment, happy.
favorite subject matter to shoot nature and my boyfriend, for sure.
photographers you admire Jackson Eaton, Lukasz Wierzbowski and many others.
what makes a great shot emotion of the moment
what makes a terrible one too much technique
why do you love photography i think because i feel like it's my more congenial form of expression
do you do any other art? once i painted and produced papier-mache's been a long time since I've done it though, unfortunately

To see more of Benedetta's work, click here.