Mr. Brainwash Sells Out

The street art community is an interconnected network of artists who often collaborate and share a mutual respect for each other.  But occasionally, one of them does something to incur the wrath of the others.  Mr. Brainwash aka Thierry Guetta is often accused of ripping off and going over other artists work and has been caught red handed putting up advertisements over others' legitimate art.  Talk about sellout.  I hope the man pays well.  The answer? If you run into Mr. Brainwash's stuff on the street, feel free to give it the same treatment- spray over it, rip it down, or have your way with it. It looks like Mar and Septerhed already delivered the message last December.  The streets are more interesting when filled with original artwork.

Thanks to Melrose & Fairfax for the photo. They're a great site on LA's street art.