Jeans!: Visvim Social Sculpture Non-Wash Denim

Without a doubt one of the nicest look pairs of pre-distressed jeans I have ever seen are this season's Visvim Social Sculpture Non-Washed jeans.  They're available in Visvim's full range of cuts from 01 (baggy) to 04 (very slim) and as usual Visvim's careful attention to detail is evident- selvedge waist band, hidden zipper pocket in the right back pocket, snakeskin patch.  The non-wash is a raw denim with fading applied on top to create a look very similar to wearing in a pair of raw denim for a year or two (no time commitment required).  I also like the idea that there's potential for even more fading with more wear.  The black selvedge is a nice touch since most denim brands tend to use red or pinkish selvedge.

More pics after the jump- you'll see why I think these Social Sculpture 05NW are so amazing.

This pair happens to be 05 cut which fits similar to a Levi's 505- straight with a slight taper.  How should you size Visvim jeans?  It depends on the cut.  Slimmer cuts like the 04 (very slim) and 03 (slim) can be sized up one if you want a slightly looser fit or true to size if you want a true slim fit.  In 05 and 01 there should be no need to size up.